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I'm not the percent you think survives.. [entries|friends|calendar]

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strung out again [29 Mar 2005|02:27pm]
Wow. I haven't updated all spring break. That's quite shocking. I took some hawt pictures, and maybe I'll post them here. Jk they aren't hawt because I'm in them and my face is ugly so disregard this whole first sentence that talks about the "hawt pictures" okay? Good. Anyways..I'm sitting next to Jessica right now and she only has one arm now because her other arm was broken in a tragic snow mobil accident. Hasahsahshahsahsha jk she hurt it in a snowboarding accident because Shaun like pushed her down this hill or something and she "hyper-extended" her joint in her arm or something I don't know I zoned out because I don't understand anatomical terms like that. They confuse me so my mind wanders and I think about other things like how my foot is asleep and I need to move it. Hold on. Okay, I positioned myself and I'm "back in action". Ha. Missy's mom said that she's "back in action with her camera". I thought that was really funny. Hmmm I think I might make a new LJ. jk i won't because I'm too lazy to do that. But I'm gonna go because my mind is wondering to the max. ANYWAYS. I'm gonna go because yeah. Oh and btw spring break consisted of lots of fun. <3
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[18 Mar 2005|08:41am]
I just found out Sarah's a lesbian. That's interesting. ha. I have to go though because I think I'm going to make a myspace. goodbye. <3
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it's there. [08 Mar 2005|02:14pm]
"Oh what a world what a world". Janelle is a lyrical genious. Just kidding. Ummm yesterday was fun. I went horseback riding and when Leo got in the ring with all the other horses some crazy insane alcoholic lady said Leo was causing a rucuss (sp?). What a psycho. She said we had to take him out of the ring because he was making all the other horses crazy, and she made me and Missy run crazily to the ring just to take Leo out..it was horrible. Thennnnn..hold on Ms. Shawver is talking brb..

...hollah. Kaitlyn made an LJ and forgot her password. jk she remembered it. I need to help her with her layout or somehting because it's going to be so plain and simple and boring and I can't handle that so I'm going to help her. Anyways I have to go now because I'm really far behind in everything. bye guys. <3
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[07 Mar 2005|02:58pm]
No time to update. Maybe later. =( Bell just rang..I wanted to update too. Ms. Shawver said "Shut down!" so I guess that means I have to go? Byebye.
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You are a regular artist.~! [19 Feb 2005|02:20am]
Tonight was a blast. AN INSANE AND HARSH RADIOACTIVE BLAST. THe kind of blast that me and Brittany can create to melt the entire world because we're both so fucking hot together. jk, but tonight was fun. I went to the Factory for a split second and saw my Party Buddy Catherine there. That was fun...then we went to the Founder's Day Carnival and Jill and Drew were there. That was also fun except I'm going to sue the lady because she forced us to go on the ride a second time when she didnt even ask us and I thought we were going to die in a freak-accident. It was so scary and I cried but not like sad-cried. Like because of the pressure and the speed and stuff my eyes teared and got all watery/teary-eyed. It happens to me a lot when I go on fast rollercoasters. Happened 2 times on Dueling Dragons in Islands of Adventure lol. Anyways it was a fun night and im going to sleep cuz i gotta wake up early for this stupid Kiwanis breakfast in the ass-end of nowhere at like 9 AM. Crazy. <3
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[17 Feb 2005|10:55pm]
Tonight was fun. I hung out with Amanda and Kris. It was quite interesting to say the least. We went to
"Toys R Us" and bought a Barbie and it's now sitting in my car pole-dancing/riding/straddling my gear-shift. It's fun. And my emergency brake is dressed up like a woman now too.

Uhh...we went to this Thai restaurant and I got Tom Kha Kai soup, and half of a Chicken Pad Thai. It was pretty good. Other than that I'm totally exhausted and I don't even feel like doing my homework, and that was like the one important thing I actually had to do today, and now I don't think I'm not even going to do it. I may but I probably won't because I actually think I'm going to bed now. Like right now because it's taking my forever to think and type and yeah. Oh god I just completely forgot that I have to type a 2-page paper on what Satan's role in modern-day society is. Like why? Why does it matter? He's evil and bad and tempts people and makes them do bad things according to the good book. THEEND. That's all there really is to say about him. I can't write 2 pages on that. It's stupid. I have to sleep now and work later because I'm a true procrastinator and I'm completely exhausted and I'm falling asleep while typ

haha i just dozed off for a second. I had to go back and edit the entry to actually finish it. How sad. Anyways as I was saying I'm falling asleep while typing as you can tell, so I'll see you all later. <3
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